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"Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity. 
We may differ in our faith, religion, and culture, yet we all live together on the same boat. We are only custodians and not owners of The Earth, not its conquerors nor its destroyers."
-Native American Code of Ethics

We all love Colorado. From its gorgeous scenic hikes to the snowcapped, picturesque mountains. But with a growing population and increased trail and national park attendance, there are real threats to the places we cherish. 

"Colorado Elevates" is our initiative to give back. We want to give anyone and everyone a chance to help keep Colorado beautiful by taking a positive stance. From trail clean-up events to working with volunteer organizations, we are committed to getting people involved. And not only that, but all purchases of the "Colorado Elevates" line will see 10% of proceeds go towards an organization dedicated to making an environmental impact in Colorado.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador program is a great way to get involved. Once you sign up, you'll be given a unique coupon code that you can share with your friends on social media. Purchases made with your code will receive free shipping, earn you 10% in commission while also netting 10% to a Colorado environmental charity. Sign up here


Why We Care

Colorado's most popular areas like Rocky Mountain National Park or Maroon Bells Scenic Area — has become overcrowded, leading to a degradation of both the visitor experience and of the land that is the reason people journey there.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park concluded that hikers and sightseers were the most likely source for a variety of contaminants—including 25 pharmaceutical compounds—found in the neighboring South Platte River. The chemicals included human birth control, as well as components of heart medicine, diabetes medicine, and blood pressure control medicine. Human activities affect wildlife populations by disturbing animals. Brown and black bears are among the vulnerable species—interactions with human visitors contribute to significant displacements and changes in nutrition patterns for bear populations. Many other species are at risk as well.


Why Leave No Trace matters

Leave No Trace is an international program that aims to reduce environmental impacts. andColorado is committed to furthering this cause in Colorado both through education of its principles, participation in restoration efforts, and in contributing proceeds.
The future of wilderness camping, hikes, and other sustainable outdoor recreation depends on more people adopting what’s known as Leave No Trace principles.
-Learn more about the Leave No Trace initiative at


What Can You Do?

We created "Colorado Elevates" to get everyone involved. You can do this a number of ways from getting involved in our monthly meetup/volunteer events to becoming a brand ambassador, or even just by purchasing any of our Colorado Elevates apparel. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of our latest events, and share all of your awesome Colorado content with us on social media. 

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